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About JAVAcid

About JAVAcid™

We love coffee!

JAVAcid founder explains how he came to develop the product:

“Like 25 million other Americans, I regularly experience stomach trouble, particularly after consuming acidic foods. The first thing the doc tells us is, “Lay off the coffee and spicy foods…” (my two favorites)

The ultimate coffee-lover

Like you, I earned my stomach trouble through hard work and one of our only rewards on a daily basis is our coffee, how’s that for irony? To make things even more absurd, I am an outright coffee maniac. How about you? Ready to enjoy your favorite brand of coffee again?

Coffee-shop blues

Then there’s the ambiance. When traveling don’t we seek out the funky coffee shop traversed by the most interesting locals? There’s a garden spot in the back of a hidden San Francisco coffee shop, a laid-back place in downtown Dallas, and New York, what a great town for coffee and cupcakes. Back home in the Northwest there are more great coffee shops than you can imagine. Nothing better than sitting at your favorite table in one of the best little coffee shops around. Even while writing this I am enjoying the most beautiful aromatic double cappuccino in the weirdest coffee cup I have ever seen at a local spot called predictably, “The Ugly Mug.”

So what’s a coffee lover to do when the doc says, “Lay off”…Quit drinking coffee? No way, we would rather burn. How about low-acid coffee? I admit, I tried low-acid coffees, they just were not bold enough and they certainly did not help when the craving hit for our favorite barista’s version of a triple latté skinny on the go.

Was there a natural way to transform our beloved coffee from a stomach irritant into a healthy, stomach-soothing beverage?

Science to the rescue!

Research began and the criteria were simple, JAVAcid had to be all-natural, not disturb taste, easily dissolve in any coffee drink, be portable in small individual packets so it can be used anytime, and most importantly, it absolutely must work! I would have no junk science when it came to anything with my name on it see How It Works.

A few years of development later, patent-pending JAVAcid™ was born. Right away the people involved in the test groups began enjoying the benefits of JAVAcid. Even before the product went into production many of them were going off their antacids and asking for more sample packets to use every day. As our loyal user base has grown I am pleased that I and so many others are able to enjoy the passion that is coffee without discomfort.

A happy tummy in your future!

The future of JAVAcid Coffee Sciences is to make your favorite coffee a healthy addition to each of our loyal customers’ daily lives.

Thank you JAVAcid customers. Enjoy!

Randy Andrews, Founder

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