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"Very happy to recommend this wonderful solution to acidity in coffee. Love the easy to carry individual packets for use away from home too. The integrity of the brew isn't altered and the blissful comfort of knowing no upsets will follow that favorite cappuccino is marvelous. Added bonus are the all-natural ingredients, Vitamin D, Calcium and Inulin, that promote digestive health. Life without coffee? Unimaginable! Life with Javacid in coffee, pure heaven!"

"This is an amazing product. I haven't been able to drink coffee for years due to my acid reflux. I mixed it into my favorite coffee and no heartburn. I’m really happy with this and will continue ordering."

"I also have IC, and coffee was one of my worst triggers. I can now have coffee everyday with no worries. Javacid does not change the taste of the coffee. It is so worth it if you have IC or bladder discomfort from coffee."

I, too, suffer from Interstitial Cystitis. With this disease, you have to cut out tomatoes, chocolate and coffee, three of my favorite things. Being able to now drink coffee with javacid is making me very happy. It is tasteless and does the trick to keep me from hurting. I love Javacid. They will send you free samples from their website to try it."

"JAVAcid not only works with coffee, it also works with wine and (carefully) with soda. It should be dissolved in a tiny bit of hot water before using these products. It changes the color -- darkens -- the color of white wine. It will cause the soda to bubble up and overflow if not dissolved, in a separate glass, etc., beforehand. I am pleased. "

"I'm very pleased with Javacid and its ability to take the bitter edge off my treasured cups of Starbucks. No change to the wonderful taste, but my tummy no longer suffers the grinding caused by the coffee acids. So pleased to have found it. Have already reordered once, and ready to do it again. Got it very quickly through Amazon."

"I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and have been on the IC diet which eliminates foods and beverages that are acidic. I have been told that coffee is one of the most acidic beverages. This product is fabulous!!! I had my second cup of coffee this morning with the Javacid and ill effects, thank you for this fabulous product!!!"

"Great product if you still want to enjoy your coffee even when on dietary restrictions. I would recommend this product!"

"I was afraid I was going to have to give up my coffee due to developing severe heartburn and gastrointestinal difficulties after drinking it. Believe me, I had tried numerous home remedies but nothing worked. And the coffee "substitutes" that I tried just didn't have the appeal and satisfaction for me that coffee did. I have to admit that I was skeptical that JAVAcid would work and figured I was just going to have to switch to drinking tea, which was not a pleasant thought. When the JAVAcid came in the mail I immediately tried it and experienced absolutely NO heartburn after drinking it. Being in the healthcare profession, I was pleased to find that it contained all natural ingredients too. I have been using JAVAcid for over 2 years and STILL no heartburn! I look forward every morning to enjoying the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee without the fear of experiencing discomfort after drinking it. I am so thankful that I found this product!! I highly recommend it!"

"I suffer from bouts of Gastritis as well as interstitial cystitis. Basically, I'm a mess, especially when I eat things containing tomatoes, pineapple, or drink coffee. I ordered JAVAcid while searching for low acid coffees that had reviews like, "tastes like tree bark", or "tastes like awful swill". I figured, it MUST taste better than tree bark. Not that I have actually licked a lot of tree bark mind, and it probably has bird pee on it, so I think I'll bypass that experience. Plus, I like to keep my consumption of awful swill to a minimum. Anyway, tree bark coffee or JAVAcid...this seemed like a no brainer. Well, I have just finished a cup of regular Carabu coffee (medium roast with caffeine) and I'm happy to say that 1. It did not taste like tree bark and 2. I am not suffering from any gut pain, hunger gnawing, or any type of bladder pain. As a matter if fact, this is my third cup of coffee this week using JAVAcid. This is up from zero cups of coffee for three months, and I think I might die from the happiness. It dissolves completely, it tastes like noting, and it doesn't leave gross sludge at the bottom of my cup. Most importantly it doesn't taste like tree bark. I ordered two boxes each containing 30 packets. Basically, for $22 I'll be happily drinking coffee for two months. This is reasonable. Conclusion: JAVAcid worked for me, wasn't outrageously expensive, and didn't taste like awful swill."

"I can tell a big difference when I use Javacid in my coffee -- reduces the acid significantly. I wish it weren't so expensive, though."

"Recommend this product for anyone who can’t tolerate the acid in coffee. Period.

"I have had IBS for years and have had to drink acid reduced coffee. Going out, I have been unable to drink coffee at all. I used to drink Kava instant when out but have been unable to find it. While researching alternatives I came across this product. Although it seemed more for IC and acid reflux (which I also have) I decided to give it a try. My shipment arrived in two days. I have been using this product for a week and I have to say I am amazed. It is truly a miracle. The only negative is that it is not available in stores. I am able to drink real coffee again! Thank you javacid!"

"This is an amazing product. I use it in everything - tea, coffee, tomato products, wine, etc. I have also found that an entire packet is not required for each drink - so the box lasts longer than expected."

"I got a free sample from their website and I had to get more once I ran out. Great for making coffee easy on the stomach."

"I LOVE my coffee but lately it has not been loving me back. I have had a hyper-acid stomach whenever I drink coffee. I was drinking an herbal coffee substitute but it is just not the same flavor. I also tried cold processed coffee but still had the hyper-acidity. So I went on the Javacid site and got their free sample to try. I was pleasantly surprised that 1.) It does not change the flavor of my coffee and 2.) It really works. So I can drink coffee again. I keep several packets in my purse so that I will have them when I am away from home. I think I might try using it with spaghetti sauce - another problem food."

"I used to get heartburn every time I drank coffee. I tried this, but after the first cup it didn't really help. I kept trying -- on different days. By the 3rd time it completely eliminated getting heartburn. Now I've used about 4 boxes and it's still working. I still keep my coffee down to one cup a day just to be on the safe side."

"Great product does as it says...."

"I have IC and have not been able to drink coffee for two years until I had tried JAVAcid. I am currently on my 2nd week and having no negative symptoms."

"I have Javacid in my purse so that I can enjoy a cup of coffee in restaurants and at friends home. My acid level is very high and Javacid allows me to continue enjoying acidic drinks. Thank Goodness I found it."

"Great takes acid out of coffee! Just what the doc ordered and does not change the taste."

"I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis a few years ago and have been on the IC diet which eliminates all foods and beverages that are acidic. I have been told that coffee is one of the most acidic beverages of all. I have until now been drinking only filtered water and Lactaid milk. Not only has this been very depressing, but quite boring as you can imagine. I received the IC Network Newsletter a couple of weeks ago which had an article regarding this new product Javacid which might make it possible for people with IC to once again enjoy coffee, which I know I miss soooo much. I ordered the 5 packet free sample and to tell you the truth, was afraid to try it because if it didn't work, I would be in agony. I finally got up my courage and tried it in a cup of decaf coffee at home and WOW..... I felt fine... no burning in my bladder and no increased urgency...This product is fabulous!!! I had my second cup of coffee this morning with the Javacid and ill effects. I'm Thrilled and am now ordering this miracle...thank you for this fabulous product!!!"

"I am thrilled to have found your product and want to make sure I continue to enjoy that second cup of coffee every day. Thanks so much!"


"I have been dealing with Interstitial Cystitis for about 4 years. Javacid has changed my life when it comes to enjoying my favorite things to eat and drink. Not only has it allowed me to enjoy coffee again, but I also use it in my homemade salsa, and anything with a tomato base! Thanks!"


"I suffer from acid reflux and IBS. I had to stop drinking coffee since it aggravated my ailments. Now that I have discovered javacid, I can once again enjoy a cup or two cups of coffee a day. Thank goodness for this product. It put a smile back on my face."


"I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and had to give up my beloved coffee, which was sheer torture. I recently tried taking antacids with coffee but it only helped a little bit. Finally, I found javacid - I was skeptical at first, especially considering there was much less calcium carbonate in it than the antacids (and I thought that was the only thing that would help). But, I just tried a packet for the first time from my free sample, and lo and behold it worked!! I was able to enjoy my coffee once again without being doubled over in pain. In fact, I didn't have even the slightest discomfort - zero pain, for the first time ever! Obviously it's the special blend of ingredients in javacid that work together, not just the calcium carbonate. The best part is, I can't taste the javacid - all I taste is coffee. I'm going to go order a huge box of it right now. Thank you for giving me back my favorite part of the day!! :)"


"I use Javacid and yes it does help and allows me to drink a product called Pero. It’s a grain drink not as acidic as coffee but still bothers my bladder if I don’t use Javacid with it. So I would definitely recommend it to others with IC."


"I have a chronic condition called interstitial cystitis. It is a disease of the bladder lining. With this disease you cannot eat anything that is acidic, as it causes bladder pain. I am very happy to say, that I am now able to enjoy one or two cups of coffee a week using Javacid. This is a real treat!"


"I heard about JAVAcid from an IC news letter that I receive. I have a mild case of IC; however, I cannot tolerate coffee without terrible burning and discomfort. From the first cup of coffee with JAVAcid added, I have no pain. This product has given me the pleasure of enjoying coffee again."


"I loved Javacid from the moment I drank my first cup. Loved the free sample."


"This is a truly fantastic product! I very reluctantly tried my first cup of REAL COFFEE with JAVAcid DURING an IC flare! I haven't had any pain since! I have enjoyed spaghetti and lasagna with no flare up. I will be receiving Javacid on a monthly basis - THANK YOU!"


"This is just wonderful--I can now drink regular coffee even though I have IC! Thanks!"


"I can't believe it!!! I can drink coffee again. I had to quit because of terrible acid reflux. Thank you!!"


"I am so pleased that I tried your product! JAVAcid has made it possible for me to drink coffee again with out severe bladder pain and other unpleasant symptoms. I suffer with IC and haven't been able to drink coffee for over three years. I ordered some of your JAVAcid and when it arrived yesterday I made a pot of coffee for my husband. I poured myself a cup, stirred in the JAVAcid and began to drink. I finished the coffee and had no pain or other symptoms. I had another cup today with the same wonderful results. I have really missed being able to enjoy a cup of coffee at breakfast. Now I can enjoy my coffee again. Thank you for reuniting me with my coffee! Thank goodness for this wonderful product!"


"I really like your product...I NEED it...and you know that it makes the coffee taste more mellow? I love it!"


"I have IC and used your product in a small cup of tomato sauce. I have not had this in 2 years and missed it so much. I was able to have spaghetti with the sauce with no trouble. Your product is great!"


"Thanks so much! JAVAcid has made a BIG difference in my life and I am so grateful for it. I have IC and I am convinced JAVAcid has helped me. I am feeling much better. I hope it will help others as much as it has helped me. THANK YOU for a wonderful product."


"I have severe Interstitial Cystitis. One cup of even the lowest acid coffee causes several days of terrible bladder pain, since a big effect of IC is destroying the mucous lining of the bladder. IC also causes me extreme sleep deprivation, so coffee was the only thing keeping me awake when I needed to drive. I found JAVAcid on the IC Network website and sent for the free samples. When I received the samples, I prepared a cup of low acid coffee and stirred in the JAVAcid (I had my pain killers right beside me). That cup of coffee was the most delicious drink I've had in years! The next day I tried it in my husband's regular coffee and it worked again. After reading and researching the ingredients, I understand why it does work. Thank you for inventing a product that does what it says it can do, unlike other ridiculously expensive things that do not work. And thanks for not charging an arm and a leg for it; the price is right."


"I am an IC sufferer and was thrilled to see the ad on the IC network site. After I received my samples, I shared one with my son in law who has acid reflux. I admit I was skeptical but we were both amazed that it worked - no pain!- and it didn't alter the taste. Thank you so much for this wonderful product."


"Wow, I am impressed! So far so good, I am on my second free packet and no issues. I am so excited to enjoy coffee again!!!"


"JAVAcid is great! I am giving samples to friends and family to try."


"Your product is a miracle. It's so nice drinking my pomegranate-lemonade, cranberry juice and coffee drinks again"


"Tried the samples and I am loving it! You name it and I have tried it, nothing has ever worked for my Acid reflux and Javacid works wonders, it even gives the coffee a delicious taste. Love it!"


"I have acid reflux, barretts esophagus, and IBS. I started using JAVAcid a week ago with samples and immediately ordered 2 boxes of 30”...“I also can tell a difference with my IBS. Thanks for marketing this product and I am telling everyone about it."


"Oh, how I like a cup of coffee in the afternoon, but the stomach upset that follows isn't worth the price. Except... I found JAVAcid on the Internet, and voila! Now I enjoy coffee again."


"Thank you…Finally I can enjoy my favorite coffee. Not only did JAVAcid take away the heartburn after my daily coffee, it lasts all day helping me with other foods that bothered my stomach. Thanks again for the great product"


"My wife loves JAVAcid in coffee, but I use it every morning in my mango smoothie. The juice gave me heartburn, but I did not want to give up my iced treat. I started adding a JAVAcid packet to my smoothie and right away, no more heartburn!"


"I’ve used JAVAcid everyday in my coffee for two weeks. Drinking coffee is a pleasure again and the fiber has improved my digestive health. Kudos to JAVAcid!"


"I like that JAVAcid has calcium. My doctor says I need to supplement my calcium but pills upset my stomach. JAVAcid gives me calcium in my coffee and actually calms my stomach"